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Sealing Materials
Sealing Profiles
Pasty Sealant

Request for additional information (Sales in Asia)

Special Construction Machines (Sales in Japan only)
Deep Foundation Machines

Recycling Machines (Composting)
Crushers DW DW 2060 DW 2560 DW 3060 DW 3080 K

Shredders AK AK 230 AK 430 AK 600

Crusher/Shredder DZ DZ 750

Screens SM SM 414 SM 518 SM 620 SM 718 SM 818

Mixer DM DM 215

Compost Turners DU / MAT DU 265 DU 320 MAT

Windsifter WS WS 720

Stationary machines

Horizontal Crushers (for Natural Stone, Mixed Construction Waste, Concrete)
Horizontal Impact Roll Crushers SB and Jaw Crushers BB

Tire Shredder (Shredding tires, paper, foil etc.)
RS Rotary Shears SG Granulators

Soil Testing Devices
Drop-Weight Tester ZFG ZFG 02 ZFG 2000

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