Waterswelling Sealing Materials

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Adeka Pasty Sealant
High demands are made on sealing materials to guarantee reliable sealing in constructions - both in new constructions as well as in repair works. Not only must special attention be paid to guaranteeing a reliable seal but also to factors such as easy and clean application, permanent watertightness, and last but not least, to time and cost-effective installation. ADEKA ULTRA SEAL is a waterswelling sealing material based on natural rubber which perfectly meets the above mentioned demands. The natural rubber is cross-linked with hydrophilic components which permits the controlled swelling ability of ADEKA ULTRA SEAL.

The material's resistance to deformation and optimum rubber elastic characteristics ensure a high expansion rate and tensile strength.

Due to the high contact pressure exerted,
ADEKA ULTRA SEAL products can even be applied for sealing against a water pressure of 8 bar without any risk of the sealing profile being extracted from the joint. This fact even allows an installation where there is a continuous change in water level.

High elasticity, continuous and controlled swelling characteristics, excellent restorability, extraordinary elongation of the natural rubber, as well as the long-lasting quality of ADEKA ULTRA SEAL products are properties which guarantee a durable sealing of joints.

The ADEKA ULTRA SEAL product range covers sealing profiles in various dimensions, as well as pasty and liquid materials, which enables an optimum sealing in numerous fields of application in structural and civil engineering.